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the recent politics

One thing that I find incredibly annoying is that both main-stream candidates have claimed they forsaw the current problems we’re facing in the economy.

Here’s McCain:
“My friend, I’d like you to see the letter that a group of senators and I wrote warning exactly of this crisis. Sen. Obama’s name was not on that letter.”

Obama has said very similar things as well.

Here’s the thing: you’re a group of senators.  You are some of the most powerful people in the country, and able to evoke change in the system.

Yet instead of doing so, you just wrote a fucking letter.  And I’m supposed to be impressed?  I’m supposed to vote for you because the best thing you could do, when faced with certain economic disaster, was compose up a little letter?

I’m not sure what I’d prefer: blisfully ignorant or bluntly incapable.  Oh what’s that?  We only get the second option?  Guess we’ll have that then.

everybody tell me what your new job will be

So, it has become quite clear that the current societal structure is about to crumble, leaving us in anarchy.

What do you hope your new job will be?  I’m hoping something like a court jester or storyteller.  Like the King will call me to the dinner table, where they feast on those giant turkey legs they have at amusement parks, and I’ll tell them about heroic knights and goblins.

Yours?  Are you planning to start training for it?

i guess they don’t like palin

Maybe I’ve grown more liberally sensitive and hippy since moving out to Washington, but I’m pretty sure this email I got from Best Buy is sexist.

Sexism is Bad
Sexism Picture

The best part is the woman is too stupid to even know the proper name of the washer, and simply refers to it as a thing.  Awesome.

Why is Muffin Top even in Wikipedia?

A while back I happened upon the Wikipedia entry for Muffin Top.  Needless to say I was amused that on the entry there is a picture of a blueberry muffin.  To portray, I suppose, the general effect a muffin top would suppose upon one.

When, in need of a reference on this exact topic, I loaded the Wikipedia page again today I happened to notice the introduction of a new picture; this picture of a portly girl who suffers from the page’s topical malady.

Often in jest, one supposes that an enemy would be listed in the dictionary under “Idiot”, “Buffoon” or their actions under “tom-foolery” or “skullduggery.”  Sadly this girl must now live her life as the epitome of Muffin Toppiness.

At least until she finds out and edits the page to remove the image.