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Author: eviljim

don fontaine needed to introduce this

In every decade, there comes a Microsoft ad so bad, so horrible, that twenty years later nerds gather around and get all riled up about how horrible a company Microsoft is.  (For an example, here is the 80’s Microsoft commercial, which I posted about earlier).

I proudly offer you this decade’s horrible Microsoft commercial.  Come back in the 20’s and have a laugh (or, alternatively, have a laugh now).

If that doesn’t show up, check it out: the Naughties Microsoft commercial!

this is not acceptable

It is really cold here.  This temperature is from my mom’s car, which doesn’t account the wind chill (which makes it about -32 C / -25 F).

19 below
19 below

This year’s gingerbread

For the past two years, we’ve had a QA morale event of Gingerbread House building.  Also for those past two years, I’ve decided to make gingerbread things instead of houses.  This year’s:

Front of it
Front of it
Side of it
Side of it

Interestingly enough, almost everyone had a different suggestion as to what this thing actually is.  As merely the artist of this object, I can’t say what it is.  What is important is the viewer’s interpretation.

So, what do you think it is?

The Mecca of Fountain Soda

Back in Illinois, I stopped by a local gas station and wanted a fountain soda.  I was quite impressed with the selection in the machine, and the sheer size of it.

making a fool of myself 201

For 16 weeks I’ve been taking a series of Improv classes, aptly titled Improv 101 and Improv 201 at Jet City Improv.  As an added bonus, at the end of Improv 201 you get to do a live showcase.  And as such, some Youtube is now needed.

Orchestrated Story:

What Happens Next:

Serious Scene:

Those are the parts I’m in, but if you’d like you can always check out the entire playlist for our whole showcase.  I was fortunate to sign up into a class of absolutely fantastic and creative people.