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pocket queens vs ace-jack

Did anyone else shout out “Don’t tase me bro!” at the end of Heroes? Or was that just me?

I also was surprised they got Fidel Castro to cameo in the episode. I thought that’d be illegal.

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  1. I completely missed the Castro cameo. Where was it? *feeling spacey*

  2. Jim Reardon Jim Reardon

    This is why I wish I could somehow take screen captures from my TV. Because he probably didn’t look like Castro.

    Anyway, there were two guys who were sneaking the new Mexican (Spanish?) Heroes into the US. The mean guy, and his friend, Fidel Castro. Well, he wasn’t actually Fidel Castro, but he was wearing an olive army uniform and had one of those Castobeards.

  3. He looked vaguely like a young Fidel. About half way i forgot if it was Heroes or Lost what with the introduction of so many new mysteries. I half expected to see a polar bear come after Maya and Alejandro.

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