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  1. Fun! Does that mean you’ll want to go road biking on Saturday? Does your bike have a name? Is it really that awesome white? Blake’s gonna buy me new colored tires! I’m excited.

  2. Yes to biking Saturday, though I need to get a bike rack! Otherwise it is hard to get the bikes around.

    The bike’s name hasn’t been decided. I will decide after riding it a bit more, once I get a feel for its personality a bit better. I don’t want to name it something then realize it’s not fitting.

    It is quite white, yes. Aarthy (who is racist) says “it matches me, you ignorant white oppressor.” She really did say that. Quite racist-ly. There was a trek 1000 I was looking at which was a cool orange but it wasn’t available anywhere, sadly.

    Colored tires? Or like color spokes? What color?

  3. Bike rack? Yes you need a bike rack. And one that fits too. We have two bike racks. One Blake likes alot but my bike has too small a frame and doesn’t fit on it properly. And the other bike rack doesn’t stay on my car. So we always have to take Blake’s car. 🙂 So what I’m sayin’ is be sure to take your car when you go to buy your bike rack, you know, in case you we’re thinking about walking to the bike store.

    Colored tires. Not spokes. I’m leaning towards yellow, but we’ll see…

  4. Yep, so, Aarthy found a nice one used pretty cheap — the negative is it only fits her car (not mine). Most of the bike racks seem to not fit my car.

    So I guess she always has to drive.

  5. I think we both have Acuras. Maybe you need to send a strongly worded email to Acura on making cars that fit bike racks.

  6. McFarland McFarland

    I think you should ride that bad boy to Illinois!

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