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Month: September 2007

oh forgiving God how do I make it stop

My Mac is narrating everything I do.

“FireFox open scroll bar. FireFox has new tab. Bookmarks menu, closing menu.”

It is like that movie. Didn’t that guy die at the end of that movie?

I don’t know how I enabled it and I certainly do not know how to turn it off.

just a small town girl

While biking last weekend, the subject of the song “Don’t Stop Believin'” came up.

That was all it took for me to buy it on iTunes. I also picked up “The Final Countdown” to make me feel like I’m in an episode of Arrested Development while coding.*

While typing the below footnotes I completely forgot where I was going with this setup – but for some reason I wanted everyone to know I bought the track “Don’t Stop Believin'” from iTunes.

I remember now. Every time I listen to “Don’t Stop Believin'” I get this horrible fear, and I realized, it’s because of the Sopranos series finale. I keep expecting the music to cut out and either to pass out and everything go black, or to actually die because of the song.

That’s somewhat impressive – that they’ve created such a strong link between this song, and that scene. It was a pretty good scene.

* – By the way, fair reader, it is my New Year’s Resolution** to take up one or several of the following: coin tricks, card tricks, juggling. If I learn either of the first two, this song will be played whenever I do a trick. I will need to carry around an iPod and speakers.

** – The way I see it, New Year’s in January is complete BS. The “new year” for you starts after your birthday, which for me, is this month. So I’m creating some New Year’s in October, the month of my birth. This isn’t actually true, nor was it my initial motivation, but I thought of it while typing this so I’m going with it.

pocket queens vs ace-jack

Did anyone else shout out “Don’t tase me bro!” at the end of Heroes? Or was that just me?

I also was surprised they got Fidel Castro to cameo in the episode. I thought that’d be illegal.

pretzel day! it’s pretzel day today

Today at Google Kirkland we’re celebrating Oktoberfest, which is deceptively not held in Oktober October. Anyway, to celebrate, Google set up a few tents, some grills, and also hired a live German “oompa” band. While I’m sure you can guess the fare: bratwurst to the extreme, and for some reason Salmon burgers (there’s always Salmon burgers. Always. It is suspicious). In order to not be shown up by the office on TV’s The Office, we have also been granted the gift of pretzels. Giant, soft, Bavarian pretzels. So delicious. So plentiful, as well. Given that there were two baskets on every table and several on the food line, I’d estimate approximately 2 pretzels for every person.

Anyway, I don’t want to talk about pretzels. I want to talk about Costco. This brings me to yesterday’s lunch.

Yesterday’s lunch was an average day – no band, no grills (sadly). However, a Costco rep was coming in to convince people to sign up for Costco memberships. I think everyone here is already a member, though, so I don’t understand the point. So this guy comes in and brings “treats” for desert after we all eat lunch.

This is very generous. And probably something employees would really appreciate, in a normal office. But, Google is not normal. We get delicious little pastries, fresh baked brownies, and they even had little mini-cakes (I believe the mini-cakes were an effort by our culinary team to send a message to the Costco man, and anyone else which would come after him). As such, I don’t think many people really wanted his Costco brand cookies. A few people took some, but with a look of sorrow and pity in their eyes.

So this man – who looked fairly sad and lonely at his own Costco table – didn’t talk to many people, because everyone already is a member at Costco, nor did people come over and fake talking to him to get a treat, because of delicious mini-cakes.

While walking by I met his eyes, infinite pools of sadness, and briskly walked by with my piece of cookies and cream cake.

Why not?!

Why in the world do my iTunes ratings not sync up to a global profile, which is then applied to my other iTunes?**
Why do my Word settings not get synced down when I re-install or use another PC?
Why are my bookmarks not automatically brought down and synced?*
What about my Add-Ons (or whatever Firefox is calling them this release) and settings and such?
Why is it the only other option I have is to use a completely online application (ala Google Docs) which is nerfed, or a completely offline application which is incredibly inconvenient?

It’s 2007. Almost 2008. I would think that software manufacturers would have thought about the whole “Internet” fad by now. And, I dunno, that some people have more than one PC…

Anyway, the reason I’m angry is because I don’t think I’ve ever used iTunes ratings despite the fact that they could be very useful. I don’t, for a couple reasons:

  1. They don’t follow me to my work PC, or my laptop.
  2. Okay I thought I had more than that when I started the list
  3. Oh I remembered one
  4. I never know how to correctly back up my iTunes library when I reinstall. I save all my music and just create a new one from scratch (Add Folder -> my MP3s). So I always lose my ratings. And I think I typically have to re-sync my whole iPod, but I don’t want to talk about that.

(BTW: in 2001 I registered “” or some such domain in a desire to create a web service that would allow easy integration of offline apps that would sync up settings, etc. I let it expire. However, I gave up hope and let it expire).

* This is the most inexcusable. It’s a web browser. Internet access is practically guaranteed. USE IT. ALSO, I do not want to install an AddOn to each of my browsers to do this. It should just be done.

** I specifically call out iTunes because WMP and Zune don’t even have podcasting support.