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Month: July 2007

harry potter ROCK

As you may or may not know, this is Harry Potter month. Movie 5 and Book 7 both come out (one being last week, one being this week).

It’s all quite exciting, as I am a huge Harry Potter fan.

As such, when I heard the Seattle Public Library was hosting a self-proclaimed “Potterpalooza” I knew that I must attend.

Now, to be completely honest and open in this review, the term “Potterpalooza” is slightly misleading as it consisted of one band. Playing in a library.

The band in question is the veritable “Harry and the Potters” a “wizard rock” band dedicated to capturing the Potter stories in song. Here is a picture.


You’ll note the books in the background.

How was the concert? Exactly as good as one would expect a Harry Potter concert to be. This is a good way to answer the question as if you hate Harry Potter, you’d expect this concert to suck, and you’d have what you would have thought about the concert. If you like Harry Potter, you’d imagine it to be somewhat entertaining yet extremely peculiar, and to the same result.

I fall into that last bucket there – I found it quite amusing. I was surprised the line to get in wrapped around the library and they packed quite the audience. Especially so considering they’re actually not very good at being a band (even if you like Harry Potter, you’d admit they lack a certain luster).

They’re clearly clearing up off the hype of Harry Potter month (aka JULY)… the merch line was long consistently throughout the concert. I picked up a CD and a shirt proclaiming the need to “Save Ginny” – the shirt pretty much being the coolest thing ever.


I’d wear it to the book release, but I have a costume.

Oh yes, oh yes I do.

some random thought about tubes

You know, it’s not that upsetting to me that youtube would be worth almost 2 billion dollars. But it does upset me that eBay is worth about $50 billion (which, I just realized, is more than Amazon, and Amazon isn’t a dump hole).

umbrella pickles

Here’s what I spent about half an hour today figuring out. I blame this completely on one Michael Benny.

So in IE there’s an option on if you want to allow JavaScript to execute in the “Local Computer” zone. You can set it to allow or disallow. There’s also another preference, on if you want to allow JavaScript at all (similar to FireFox’s javascript.enabled. Or so you would think).

These two settings conflict with each other in completely different ways in IE6 and IE7.

IE6: If you enable allowing JavaScript to run in the “My Computer” zone, but disable JavaScript, it will still run JavaScript in the “My Computer” zone anyway. I could see how this happens, though I dislike it, and think it is wrong.

IE7: If you enable allowing JavaScript to run in the “My Computre” zone, but disable JavaScript, it won’t run JavaScript on the “My Computer” zone. Hey, one step forward, right? However, it will not process any noscript tags because it thinks JavaScript is enabled. So, neither the JavaScript NOR the noscript will execute.


I need to get out of QA before I do a few thousand dollars worth of damage to Google hardware. Or Microsoft buildings.