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that’s good management

Contains Heroes spoilers, here, so, yeah.

Can someone who watches Heroes give an answer to the following questions:

1) Why didn’t Peter fly himself up into the sky?
2) Why didn’t Clare just shoot Peter? Then Peter would have just died, instead of both him AND his brother.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous


    Why didn’t Charlie and Desmond cut the damn cable?!?!?!?

    There is no refuge!

  2. Jim Jim

    You don’t know what that cable’s about. Maybe it’s a giant vestigial umbilical cord. Cutting it would do nothing except perhaps create an island belly button, in a way.

    Here’s what I’d do in Lost: make an 80 mile long rope. Swim out until rope is taught. Swim in a giant circle looking for a boat. Profit.

  3. Alfonso Lopez Alfonso Lopez

    Maybe it’s useless. But how about we cut it and check if the signal is still being jammed?

    Then, if it is, we can send charlie to his death.

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