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Roomba Experiences

My Roomba has arrived. Anyone without a Roomba is wrong.

My mom was scared at one point when it started – on its own – to vacuum up. When we were leaving she asked, “Are you just going to leave it here, going?” When I said yes, she responded, “You trust it?” like it was going to steal my precious precious jewels. (DVDs)

Though in all and complete honesty I’m a little glad it can’t climb stairs – it gives me a safe place to flee to when it inevitably turns against me, per evidence in “I, Robot.”

Also for the sake of honesty I’m not sure it saves time. While I can push a button and vacuum and then, say, watch some TV, I inevitably end up watching the Roomba instead.

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  1. i want a robot vacuum! though i must admit i actually like vacuuming. i just don’t like picking up all the crap off the floor first, but you still gotta do that with the roomba

    btw, the ‘archives’ section of your page doesn’t render properly in ie7.0… the white box part is far disconnected from the title bar.

  2. Yeah, you need to make sure there’s nothing it’s going to eat (the first time I ran it, it ate one of my Wii controllers and dragged it around and eventually made a very sad noise and stopped). But it does quite a nice job and it’s surprising how much it picks up, even though I had recently used a regular vacuum.

    As for the title bar, I noticed that a while back but was lazy, but I figured out an easy way to fix it up (though you’ll notice there’s a bit of a weird dimple near the top).

  3. CC CC

    I watched my roomba for the first few months, now i’m over it. I only use mine in the kitchen and the bathroom cause my roomba eats my rugs.

  4. As much as I would love to own my very own robotic slave, I just can’t see myself giving up the joy and pleasure of owning a Dyson. I don’t actually own a Dyson yet, but it is definitely in the works. I’ve been saving for the past 15 years. I can almost afford it. Maybe if I worked at Google.

    “I just want things to work properly.” — James Dyson

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