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Month: May 2007

aught is a fun word

Every time I make coffee I look at the Espresso machine, which is a “Rumba,” and think of my Roomba.

The best thing of a Roomba is that if I ever have kids, and they buy my a Rosie the Robotic Maid, I can be indignant and say: “Ahhh, whippersnappers. I’ve had robots cleaning up after me since back in the summer of aught 7.”

Meanwhile my Xbox 360 has once again died, the trick only lasting a few days after all.

Elsewhere in my mind, I had the following idea: iterate through every word in the english language and do a search for it. Create a list of every word whose first result is a dictionary page.

For most cool words (like aught), that’s the case.

this is not meant sacrilegiously.

My 360 died.

While playing a delightful game of Catan, the game froze. Upon reboot I received the dreaded 3 rings of death. I blame it on the overworked processor due to those fully rendered sheep (how is that in any way necessary? Pretty though)

Anyway, after a fruitless call to 360 support, I realized I was on my own for this one. So I looked up tricks.

The first, almost sure fire trick seemed to be replacing the “X clamps.” I don’t know what an X clamp is and I don’t want to know. It seemed to involve drilling and washers. Maybe a cactus. Those I have.

The next one involved wrapping your 360 in a towel.

Clearly, this is a solution I can handle.

I was about to run upstairs when I realized in a twist of cosmic fate I had several towels already at hand – Google had provided me 3 or 4 “Google” towels. Perfect.

So I wrapped my Xbox 360 in 3 Google towels, and powered it on. In retrospect I should have turned it on first, because I had to unwrap it to push the power button. Of course, of course, I later, later realized I could have turned it on with a controller, too.

Anyway. I let it run for about a half hour, then take the towels off and let it sit for an hour. Conveniently the “Heroes” season finale was on.

Carefully, I approached the controller and turned it on.

Three red lights were gone. In there place were fully rendered sheep and wheat and that dancing robber dude.

Being a religious man, I only expect this to last 3 days, so I’m getting my Catan in while I can, before its glorious ascension back to from whence it came (China?).

that’s good management

Contains Heroes spoilers, here, so, yeah.

Can someone who watches Heroes give an answer to the following questions:

1) Why didn’t Peter fly himself up into the sky?
2) Why didn’t Clare just shoot Peter? Then Peter would have just died, instead of both him AND his brother.

this may be a conspiracy theory

Right now, Google’s logo is “Mother’s Day” – click on it, and you do a search for Mother’s Day.

Makes sense, okay.

But at the same time, it’s almost like a giant ad for everything Google can do inside search, too. Almost too much so, maybe, to be a coincidence.

For example, you get an instant answer onebox (mother’s day is on …).
You also get integrated inline news results (fairly new), related searches at the bottom, an ad with a Google Checkout badge, and of course, a YouTube video is one of the top results.

Take a gander over at live search and you get a pretty plain old results page – you get news results at the top, and one related search that makes no sense (“Monologue S For Mothers Day” – wtf? Is monologue R for Memorial Day?) has a nifty “MOM” tattoo heart thing going on, but the result of a search is pretty much as bland as

The winner? Google, because their related searches include apostrophes in “mother’s” – grammar is important.