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perhaps only computer science

Do yourself a favor – make 4 friends, and grab a copy of the board game “Clue.”

What is sold as merely a game of simple elimination is quite intense when you’re older. A bunch of us got together and played and we went Beautiful Mind on it – the effect only embiggened by the fact that you only get a little tiny piece of paper upon which to make notes.

I think it was Crystal who actually wrote down (somehow in such limited space) every supposition made, and who provided evidence.

Seriously – Clue, go pick yourself up a copy.

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  1. Hah! I just blogged about the exact same thing. I’m toying with writing a tool to do my deduction for me….

  2. I blogged about it too!

    J-ECO(A) was my code… Jim-Ms. Peacock, with the candlestick, in the lounge(disproved by Alfonso)… in retrospect, there were several flaws: some places/people started with the same letter and I didn’t fix that till a few rounds in. And I was also keping track of who had what and what maybe people had. I should have, like you, included who I knew didn’t have certain things.

    Oh well. Next time. It sure was fun though.

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