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this is a neat free thing

Apparently MP3 Tunes, which I long ago posted about and subscribed to, is now free with unlimited storage. It basically allows you to upload your entire mp3 collection to their servers, giving you the following advantages:

– You can sync it back down (so it’s basically a backup service)
– You can sync it back down to other PCs (so you can keep multiple PCs up to date with your music library)
– You can listen to it online (very cool, almost itunes-esque interface)

Pretty good. Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good.

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  1. Alfonso Lopez Alfonso Lopez

    Do you know if they cache or key the songs? otherwise how many copies of “Lonely” would they be redundantly holding.

    It’s dumb….

  2. I think they do based off CRC (and possibly title or something else to prevent collisions).

    At least I hope they do.

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