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movies are a sequence of still frames

I have a confession.

For the past two months, I’ve had the same 3 netflixes at home. So, basically, I’ve been paying $18 a month to have clutter by my DVD player.

Recently I’ve taken steps to correct this, specifically by watching the DVDs I had rented. I returned a couple yesterday and received an email today from netflix, telling me what movie to expect Friday.

I forgot how exciting that was! It’s like buying DVDs (which I am not allowed to do, currently) but not as expensive.

Plus I can finally see the end of “A Scanner Darkly” — I watched the first hour on a plane entertainment system, and ran out of time before finishing it.

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  1. Get a reduced Netflix membership.

    With the savings, you could buy your nephew things like a birthday present.

  2. I sent terri a check, as opposed to paying shipping on rather bulky toys.

  3. Alfonso Lopez Alfonso Lopez

    Scanner Darkly….Austin Filmmakers just don’t seem to place any value on sanity….

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