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the daytime… of the night

Check out Google Reader, it’s a rather nice RSS aggregator that is pretty nice. I’ve started to use it and it saves a lot of time.

It’s pretty neat too because I can flag stuff and automatically add it to this webpage which is kind of neat. So if I find stuff that is interesting, it just automatically appears there. Nifty.

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  1. yeah, i made the switch from bloglines to google reader about a month and a half ago. it’s much prettier than bloglines, but unfortunately doesn’t offer a “blogroll” feature like bloglines, at least I don’t think so.

    plus it makes my personalized google search page even more informative!

    go google!

  2. Yeah, there is no “blogroll” functionality unfortunately. It’d actually be somewhat easy to parse out and do — since you can export your subscriptions — but it wouldn’t update automatically.

    The shared feature is, I think, a bit cooler, but the blogroll feature should be there, I agree.

    There’s always the next version 🙂

  3. Sounds like something for 20% time…

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