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  1. Hmm, I remain a pregnant “cautiously optimistic”. What if it sucks?!?

    So scared

  2. Andy Andy

    remember the episode where Mal casually walks into the ship and offhandedly shoots that dude in the skull then goes about his buisness like he had just swatted a fly?

    If i can get that kind of feel out of playing my character then this game will be the BIG win!

  3. I think I’m more afraid that it WON’T suck. It’d be easy to move on with life if it’s terrible. However, I’m not sure I can possibly be prepared for it taking over life itself if it is good.

    And yeah, Andy, I think that was one of the things that initially made me really get into the show. I saw that and was like “oh yeah. This is the stuff.”

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