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dead alive

FYI – still without power, it’s starting to look like I might fly home before it is back on. Work is back up, though, so I at least have internet part of the day. TECHNOLOGYYYYYYYYYY.

Shopping in a grocery store running on a generator is downright spooky. There’s no sound except the beep-beep of the checkout lane, and it’s dark and generally ominous. I even started checking around for likely weapons in case of zombie attack.


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  1. You know if you guys need a place to crash w/ electricity you’re welcome here… though we are a bit far from your work. But it’s an open invitation, we have the spare bedroom and it’s actually clean right now, so it’s an option if ya’ll need it.

  2. Andy Andy

    Don’t get so wraped up looking for potential zombies that you for get to check for raptors

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