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Month: October 2006

it’s not a big truck

OK so I probably shouldn’t post this because I am about to start working there, but I think I have proof Google is trying to take over the internetings.

First, they buy all this “dark fiber.” Dark fiber is – for those of you that are not nerds – something that helps you poop. From what I understand. It also can help you lower your cholesterol. This purchase was made because most people on the Internet are unhealthy.

Second, they buy YouTube. Now, this may appear like nothing to the average person. But you may not be aware, the internet is a series of tubes! Perhaps even YOUtubes.

a red lobster that won’t ruin your dinner

I think – but am not sure – that Lost has convinced Aarthy to eat seafood again.

Through various inferences and extrapolation, I’m pretty sure this is the case. It started out with her mad about something – it’s really quite hard to tell because I don’t listen – followed by her proclaiming she’s decided to eat food from the sea. Previous to this she refused to eat anything from the sea because she has too much respect for it. Other reasons are there which I am not allowed to share, though they involve Finding Nemo and perhaps old pirate customs.

Anyway, she decides to eat food from the sea again. I ask her why, and she refuses to answer. Then, later, she mentions, “If we were caught on Lost you wouldn’t give me half of your fish biscuit.” So clearly, she wants to be able to survive if ever captured after a plane crash and placed into a cage for polar bears. And thus, because the show Lost brought this possibility into her mind, it is because of the show she now eats food from the sea (I believe oceans and lakes as well).