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this is somewhat news related

Last day at Microsoft: 10/20
First day at Google: 11/6

Probably will try to fly to Illinois somewhere in there, if there’s a good Ding fare, since I won’t be there for Thanksgiving. My first week (the week of 11/6) I get flown down to Mountain View, which is kind of neat.


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  1. Congratulations!!!

  2. Andy Andy

    You win at life

  3. CC CC

    What’s this? More info please!!! Will you still be living in Seattle?

  4. I’ll be staying in Seattle still – they have a branch in Kirkland (not too far from Redmond, where I currently live).

    It’s pretty much similar in job content to what I do now, except I get free snacks now.

  5. shane shane

    andy’s comment made me laugh

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