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what we need more of is science

So VistaPrint was offering free business cards (with free shipping), so I had to do it. I’m going to win me some lunches.


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  1. aarthy aarthy

    haha 🙂

    For a second I was happy for you because I misread and thought you were finally able to install Vista (after the mini-breakdown you had yesterday). Then I realised VistaPrint has nothing to do with Vista. Yep…

  2. aarthy aarthy

    by the way, i didn’t know that smiley face was going to look that creepy…

  3. There you go. I was having a good day until you had to mention Vista.

    For those that may read this that do not work at microsoft:

    Installing vista is like pounding a nail into my own head. I keep thinking, “I should probably stop, this isn’t a good idea, it really hurts, and it’s only getting worse,” but I always end up deciding “well, might as well try to finish the job.”

  4. Nick Nick

    It occurs to me that posting your address and phone number on a publicly viewable page on the internet is probably not the best thing you can do.. just saying. The business cards are awesome though

  5. OK, I did some almost UNNOTICABLE photoshoping there, which should clear up that problem. Of course, I know of a bunch of other ways you could easily get any of that information… stalkers will just have to try a little harder now.

    And really, that’s good. If someone’s going to stalk you, you want them to at least have to TRY to do it. Otherwise just anyone can stalk you. I want someone committed to it.

  6. Man, that’s some hilarious stuff. I showed it to some friends. They laughed.

  7. Nick Nick

    See, and now the business cards are even more amusing.

  8. Andy Andy

    Pure jim related genius, see shane this is why he consistently beats you in the funny dept.

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