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  1. I vote for the SD700…expensiver is always better =-D

  2. I thought you already decided a week ago, on the A620 I believe.

  3. I thought I had, but then someone else I talked to recommended the SD600 which isn’t much more than the A620. But, there’s no real reviews I can find, so I’m not sure as to the quality. Though it is smaller which is nice… aagh.

  4. Andy Andy

    I propose adding another N and getting this cannon

  5. Andy Andy

    bah, I lose at html

  6. Hey Andy, did you know there is a resturaunt in Japan called “Ninja”? Apparently it offers a full-scale ninja dining experience, including a desert menu that they burn after showing you (as it is top secret).

    This guy I know wrote about it in his blog, you should read it (skip to the part about halfway down the entry where he talks about finding Ninja), it sounds like the kind of place you’d go insane at and refuse to leave.

  7. Andy Andy

    that is seriously cool.

  8. shane shane

    dude, a620. the fold out viewer window screen thingy is key

  9. Either out of coincidence, or as proof that shane is the center of the universe, I just minutes ago finished ordering the A620 (plus a memory card, a small case for it, and some rechargable AA batteries). Hopefully at least the camera will arrive by Friday, so I can play around with it.


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