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no sir, this is nothing short of a revolution

Wendy’s has recently introduced a Vanilla Frosty. Vanilla! That’s crazy. All materials which spoke of the year 2000 mentioned flying cars and teleporting machines. Nobody saw this one coming. No literature suggested even a potential of choosing between two flavors of frosty. I believe truly Dave Thomas couldn’t have imagined this shift of paradigm.

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  1. Andy Andy

    have you had one?

    do they retain the texture of the chocolate ones?

    is a swirl in the works?

  2. Yeah, I had one. Pretty much exactly what you’d think – same texture and such as Chocolate but in vanilla form.

    I called Wendy’s and asked about the potential of a future release for swirl, and their statement was, “We can neither confirm nor deny the potential release of a ‘swirl’ Frosty brand dairy beverage at this time.”

    Well, I didn’t actually call, but you know that’s what they’d say.

    I wonder how this will impact race relations.

  3. Andy Andy

    I suspect that they will “live together in perfect harmony” in apoximitly the same manner as ebony and ivory

  4. shane shane


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