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i used to work at a dollar store

Sunday I ended up with Aarthy in Ballard trying to get some tea, and instead, there was some kind of festival. This resulted in me buying $5 worth of curly fries (“Wow,” you might say, “that’s expensive for curly fries!” You would be incorrect, as I received an entire fryer basketfull of fries. Maybe like 8 pounds? Actually, to more accurately portray the amount, I’ll just say this: I couldn’t finish them).

Anyway as part of this trip we went into this dollar store, where everything was priced between $1.29 and $1.89. I dunno. They were selling Colgate in a very suspicious box. It didn’t say the amount of toothpaste or any of the typical things for packages to have. The reason is it has, apparently, become cheaper to import colgate from South Africa than to buy American toothpaste.


Though it was only $1.59.

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  1. Don’t buy toothpaste from a dollar store!! Especially when it’s overseas. It has like 10x the fluoride American brands do because, internationally, they don’t have fluoride in their drinking water. Combine the two & you can slowly poison yourself.

  2. aarthy aarthy

    I found out that Colgate retails for 60 cents in South Africa. I can only imagine what else must be cheaper there. I think I may need to take a little trip.

  3. I think I have more reasons than just “being slowly poisoned” to not buy toothpaste from Africa.

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