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Month: August 2006

seriously though, six dollars?

I think that envelopes have suffered from extreme price inflation. I thought envelopes were, like, free last time I bought them. Or maybe a dollar or something. But I bought some today and the smallest pack they had was almost seven bucks! Seven bucks! For envelopes! I don’t get it. Prices of envelopes should be going down. Maybe more research needs to be put into more efficient envelope creation technology, to reduce the cost to produce them. Or perhaps lickable adhesive is getting more expensive?

in this house we obey the laws of thermodynamics!

This is awesome. Read this news article which basically is a bunch of people saying “hey, we stumbled upon something which broke the first law of thermodynamics. We rule.”

It’s all vague and pointless, but the pay-off at the end is awesome. The last paragraph:

“We put in a small amount of mechanical energy and we get a large amount out … but until this thing is validated by science we won’t be doing anything commercial with it,” he said.

Yeah. They need it validated. Validated by science.