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Month: July 2006

no more tears

So earlier today I got some shampoo in my eye. Have you done that recently? It really hurts! A lot! It still kind of stings and it’s been like 2 hours. Crazy!


This Saturday I got to see an “authentic” Lion Dance (in quotes as I suspect using authentic is not entirely appropriate as one of the lion dudes was whiter than I am)

This is the tea place Brian introduced a bunch of us to. (To which Brian introduced us). It was cool, even if they wouldn’t let me put my head in the lion’s mouth.

i’ve thought about this for a while now

Dear IMDB,

When I click on a poster in your listings because I want to see it bigger:


And it takes me to a page which does not even HAVE the movie poster on it:


It pisses me off. Please fix that.