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this seems easier because of computers

Instead of having to actually write things here, I’ve decided it is much simpler to just add my netflix queue to the right of the page. Enjoy. Feel free to make fun of my choices.

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  2. Seriously? I found it both boring and extremely boring.

  3. shane shane

    is shopgirl interesting? is crash as stupid as the consensus (among people who aren’t oscar voters in an off year, though thankfully brokeback didn’t win because then i’d have to boycott everything even slightly hollywood-related) seems to be?

    also, i don’t know why everyone pitched such a tent for march of the penguins. that had the fewest facts of any documentary not involving troy mcclure that i’ve ever seen

  4. Generally assume “Shipped” means I haven’t watched them yet (they’re at home waiting to get watched — or, in this case, on their way being mailed to me). I’ll let you know if Shopgirl any good.

    Crash wasn’t bad. I’d give it 3 stars — it’s worth watching but not fantastic (probably not the best movie of last year). It was kind of on-the-nose… I mean, it was predictible in several ways (that the “racist” character ends up being good in the end and vice versa… thus, as the box says, “challenging you to reevaluate your racisim” or whatever it actually says). Worth watching though, I’d say, there are a couple parts that actually work really well.

    Penguins was entertaining for a little while. I think there’s about 20 minutes worth of penguins I can watch, then it just gets boring.

  5. Andy Andy

    “the fewest facts of any documentary not involving troy mcclure that i’ve ever seen”

    shane wins this post of tune in next week for more exiticting post action action action!!!!!

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