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office, ghosts, and aliens. plus a cat!

Here are the latest events in my life:

– I am being moved into an office, from my former cube.
– Aliens have abducted a developer on my team and replaced him with a guy who actually wants to fix bugs
– Ghosts exist and are present in the building I work in. They make that generic ghost “ooooOOOoooo” sound.
– There is a cat that lives in the vents of the floor I work on. It may or may not be a ghost cat (see above).

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  1. shane shane

    you gonna have a window? if so, i bet my view is cooler. i can see a parking lot, a guard shack, a loading dock area (sometimes populated with thousands of bags of some kind of mulch) and trees. a bunch of trees. sometimes i can see the older polish guy, whose job duties are a mystery to me despite having the office next door, riding away on his bicycle in his full on bicyclist outfit, shorts and everything

  2. Surprisingly it is a window office (that’s really all we have — windows on the sides and cubes in the middle). I will be able to see the mountains and trees, and I think Rainer.

    You’re right though, I’d much rather the polish guy.

  3. shane shane

    ooh, i forgot about the time i got to see the picketing teamsters. that was a good time

  4. CC CC

    I can see 3rd base of the jackhammers field from my classroom, or my former classroom. I’m not sure what room i’ll be in yet this year.

  5. I just got a window office on Friday. I can see trees and the top of the tall executive building across campus. I might be able to see the mountains, but I won’t know until winter when visibility is better.

  6. shane shane

    i think it’s safe to say i win the “who’s got the best view from their office” contest. and christina loses because when she’s not looking at the baseball field, the rest of the time she’s looking into the cold, dead eyes of stupid children. and what’s worse is that she’s contractually obligated to not look out the window and rather to try to get them to understand photosynthesis. whereas me, i can daydream all i want. and i do

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