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this will seem shocking to several people

I am not sure I like Pepsi anymore.

For Lent, my initial idea was to give up sweetened sodas to try to switch to diet, but I then decided to just give up all soda and caffeine. Now, after Easter, I still don’t really drink Pepsi — I’ve had a few glasses but it’s just not the same.

Sell your stock folks, this could be devistating to their earnings.

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  1. I…I really…it’s like one of the corner stones of my reality was removed suddenly and…

    I can’t live in a world where Jim doesn’t drink pepsi…

  2. Andy Andy

    What’s next I mean is the chicken strip maket in danger?

  3. CC CC

    Come on over to the dark side! Juice, Tea, Lemonade and Water here we come! It’s to bad about the milk…its sooo good!

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