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my life summarized

I realized today that I’ve had this little typing thing on the internet for a few years, and my mind instantly fell upon one awesome idea: clip show.

So, for all you people out there that may not have been around from the beginning, here are – in my opinion – some of the more interesting posts from my past:

The poking story, probably one of my funnier entries.

Another whimsical anecdote involving an attempt at making lemonaid. It ended poorly. For those of you who don’t like the written word, this one has a few pictures.

Some true stories from my past internship involving a severed hand in my pocket! Wow!

I include this one only because it mentions mints, which have become part of a new fail-safe plan in the event I become destitute.

I’m not sure this one is interesting to read but it makes me remember one of the most amazing sights I’ve ever seen in my life.

This one is great just for the comments.

For sentimentality, my first days ever in Washington state. An introduction to Byron and George, who still remain, to this day, alive. This leads to one of my poorer decisions.

Finally, in case you were wondering to yourself, “What exactly makes Jim tick? I can not imagine his past and family life to create such an amazing and interesting person!” Well, here is an insight into my family life.

Maybe I’ll never have to be creative and write again – I can just keep posting links to crap I’ve already written.

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  1. shane shane

    you consider accepting the job at microsoft one of your poorer decisions?

    also, this is the first comment in a while which doesn’t involve a quiz on my number reading followed by number typing skills

  2. Andy Andy

    I can only imagine that Jim must have, though a string of wacky coincidences, been locked in a freezer while writing this.

  3. Is that why it’s so cold?

  4. Nick Nick

    Does that mean he went through his blog and wrote all this Because he got locked in a meat freezer? Or was he so engrossed in his own writings that he did not notice he was being transported into said freezer.. Or is his computer for some reason stored in this freezer, and he was just accidentally shut in while typing up this entry?

    Also did you ever blog that moonshine losing the shoe story Jim? I’m pretty sure that was one of the more amusing stories.

    Oh.. and that time I came to visit at school and we were drinking and then we harrassed Shane and brought him pizza at 3 am.. and then Brian climbed, and fell out of a tree? good stuff.

  5. I don’t think I’m going to answer any of your questions until you update your blog.

    Though Brian falling out of a tree was pretty hilarious. Same with you (I think?) slowly sinking into Shane’s moving box you were sitting on.

  6. these were all too funny (especially the ones towards the beginning). Got a laugh of out me, several times.

  7. shane shane

    yeah, that was nick. and it wasn’t a moving box, it was a box my mom sent me, probably with cookies and such

    also, i doubt bill gates is holding a gun to your head preventing you from quitting


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