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  1. good at something you hate doing….

  2. shane shane

    i think that question is impossible to answer in it’s given form. like, what does “good” mean? someone could have no discernible skills (which may or may not be job-related skills), but still be a good spouse/parent. to say someone’s good at nothing would imply they are just a generally miserable and misery-inducing person. they wouldn’t even be good to talk to. (though, if the person also happens to be a hot chick, she’ll probably be living on easy street anyway.) also, it would depend on what the hated thing really is, and how often you are obligated to do it, if at all. i might be a fantastic garbageman, but i might hate it. however, i don’t have to be a garbageman, so that basically leaves me in the same position as the first guy, assuming that’s the one and only thing i’m good at. like i said, the question’s impossible to answer. in summary, you smell

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