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I’m sure they’ll find me charming in a while

Here’s a roll through a typical work day for me:

11:00: Show up. Grab a Talking Rain.
11:05: Worker near the kitchen asks me a random philisophical test question. I think he’s interviewing for other teams.
11:15: Get to my desk. Read some emails.
11:25: See if there are any bugs resolved to me I can move to other people
11:45: Tatiana comes in to talk to me. Perhaps we get tea.
12:00: Consider getting lunch
12:15: Get lunch
1:45: Look at the bugs resolved to me again, see if there are any bugs I can move to other people
2:00: Amy comes in to talk, lays down on my desk for some reason (tired ?)
2:45: Email.
3:00: Rob comes in to talk. He does not lay down on my desk.
3:30: I notice an SDK-related checkin so I look at the changes. I send an email to the person to get them to correct some problems I notice.
3:40: Read more email
3:50: Relative discontent
3:55: Open my test case query.
3:56: Close test case query
4:00: Resolve bugs
4:30: Amy comes back in to talk some more.
4:45: I wish it was before 4 so I could get some pastries from the cafeteria (they close at 4)
5:00: Email again
5:30: File a couple bugs I managed to find
5:32: Bugs are returned to me as “By Design” or “Won’t Fix”. I close them.
5:35: General malaise
5:50: No new emails yet?
6:00: Consider going home
6:15: Run a few tests to give some hope to the management our test pass is going well
6:30: Wonder why my job doesn’t involve anything I went to college for
6:33: Extreme malaise
6:35: Consider going home
6:45: Rob stops in. While there, Amy hears us talking and stops by, which draws Tatiana over. I think Harvin stops in to chat as well.
7:00: Consider going home, seriously this time
7:05: Bulk fail a bunch of tests blocked by the beta of Office 12 we’re using
7:15: Go home.

I should mention I am one of the most productive members on the team under typical circumstances.

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  1. I don’t think the above is complete: at some point during the day I get despondent. That’s not reflected above.

  2. I was laughing out loud at “3:50: Relative discontent.”

    When work is dull, ask for a different assignment. After a while, they’ll only give you interesting jobs just to shut you up.

  3. That’s the thing, they won’t. We have to run manual tests and – apparently – it’s part of my job description to run them. It doesn’t matter what I’m testing, it’s boring. Very, very boring.

    Some of the stuff might only be funny if you know the terms, but… it’s pretty accurate.

  4. I’m still astounded that you regularly get to work at 11 and leave at 7. Don’t you like to experience some daylight after a day of work? I’m an 8-5 man.

  5. I generally arrive between 10 and 1, and leave between 6 and 7. There’s still light out when I leave, though, at least now.

  6. Andy Andy

    My suggestion:
    Step one: Get hired on at a video game company
    Step two: Start programing the next great MMO.
    Step three: Aquire enough power in the company to hire me as art director/guy who suggests a bunch of cool ideas for the game/ guy who laughs a pretty much everything you say.

  7. serge serge

    Dude, how can you miss the half-price pastries now that you’re on the third floor?

  8. Check out a quote of my busy, just-before-4 schedule:

    3:55: Open my test case query.
    3:56: Close test case query

    That’s a good amount of productivity, relative to the rest of the day.

  9. serge serge

    That’s no excuse. Certainly never stopped me 😉

    It can definitely offset despondence.

  10. Tan Tan

    Be the Ubermensch.

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