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Month: April 2006

i believe this qualifies me as “handy”

I fixed my garage door. I used the only repair technique I know: doing nothing. The garage door has started working correctly again, and all is copasetic.

Now to see if I can fix the fan in the bathroom in a much similar manner.

this commercial blew my mind man

This is my first foray into “Web 2.0”:

I’m excited that we’ve re-coined piracy as the next Internet. You know, because it uses asynchronous javascript. That makes it OK.

i really need to get this fixed

Closing my garage door has become a game of skill.

As of yesterday, it has decided that upon closing it should freak out and go back up (as if it hit something on the way down). I did a periphreal glance at the controls I could see and didn’t find an easy “stop freaking out” button, though there was a button labeled “learn button” which I was tempted to press (would it learn something, or would I learn about the garage door opener ?)

So, I had to play around with it for a while to figure out what to do. I realized that if I let it lower, there’s about a half-second before it does it’s little go-back-up thing. If I push the button again at that second, it disables the lowering so that it doesn’t go back up.

If I hit it too soon, the garage will be left partly open. If I hit it too late, the garage door will start going back up, and the lights blink on and off quickly (this, I believe, is to alert you your child has just been crushed by the garage door).

It is a good thing I was raised playing video games or I would not have the mad skills to hit that button.