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everneck follies

I remember during highschool a couple signs that spring was quickly approaching: the first mosquito bite of the season, and the first 49¢ Thorton’s soda.

Out here in Washington, I’m thinking Spring is indicated by seeing the sun again (also known here as the “day-star”, often worshiped as a mythical being), after its 6 month absence. Also, you’ll notice you can go outside without getting wet.

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  1. alison alison

    don’t forget that all the pink cherry blossoms are in bloom now too! or you know it’s spring when allergies kick in… =(

  2. shane shane

    do people out there really refer to it as the “day star” or did you make that up?

  3. eviljim eviljim

    You won’t believe a bridge can float, but you’ll believe that an entire city calls the sun the “Day Star”.

  4. shane shane


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