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windows annoyance day

Here we go, I’ve been frustrated by these long enough that I can’t quietly suffer anymore. Here are things that some PM needs to be kicked in the head for. These only work on Windows, obviously.

1) Hit Windows-F. Up pops Windows Find. Windows Find took a book out of Office’s “Book of Crap” and has some stupid animated character show up to “help” you search. In the default instance it is a dog. The dog walks up and asks you what you want to search for. A cute little animation. A cute little animation that blocks the use of the search menu until the animation is complete. At what point did someone decide the animation was more important than usability? Oh and the best part is when you realize this is why those links don’t work, and you disable the stupid dog, you have to watch a 6 second animated clip of the dog going away before you can use find. Oh man, oh man, I hate that dog.

2) I forgot number 2 because I had to reenable the dog to see how long the dog walking away took, and it pissed me off.

3) Everything has a tooltip. Let me tell you something: tooltips are mostly useless. For example, Communicator (an IM program like AIM) does not need to tell me, if my mouse happens to be over the message pane, that these are the “messages that have been sent and received.” To be honest, anyone who doesn’t realize that’s what is going on probably shouldn’t be on the internet anyway. All the tooltip does is cover up text I may be trying to look at and OH MAN I JUST THOUGHT ABOUT THAT STUPID DOG AGAIN.

Kill the Windows Search Dog
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  1. Anonymous Anonymous

    well maybe the dog doesn’t like you either.

  2. eviljim eviljim

    To that I only reply with another picture of the annoying stupid dog.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous

    yup, the dog definitly doesn’t like you. could he even hate you?

  4. eviljim eviljim

  5. Anonymous Anonymous

    screw you!

  6. eviljim eviljim

  7. Anonymous Anonymous

    FUCK YOU! that is what should be the caption in the dogs mouth!

  8. eviljim eviljim

    Why are you so angry at the dog?

  9. Anonymous Anonymous

    im angry at you…or are you too dense to notice that?

  10. eviljim eviljim

    You being the dog? Yeah, I don’t like that dog either.

  11. Anonymous Anonymous

    you really are a fucking bastard.

  12. eviljim eviljim

    Yeah, you tell that dog. That’ll teach it.

  13. Anonymous Anonymous

    fuck you jim…not the dog…you. you are the fucking bastard that should have YOUR testicles dug out with a SPORK! you.

  14. eviljim eviljim

    So the dog’s name is Jim too?

  15. Anonymous Anonymous

    you really are an ass and just shoing it more and more here. GROW UP!

  16. eviljim eviljim

  17. Anonymous Anonymous

    i seriously think i hate you now. for the first time in my life. i hate you.

  18. Anonymous Anonymous

    i hope you are happy.

  19. eviljim eviljim

    Again, the dog? Or me.

  20. Anonymous Anonymous

    are you really that dumb? you, you jackass.

  21. eviljim eviljim

    Is that a “I hope you’re happy” good or bad, like sarcastic.

  22. Anonymous Anonymous

    you tell me…are you happy to know that i hate you?

  23. eviljim eviljim

    Me or the dog?

  24. Anonymous Anonymous

    i am done…i am seriously done with you. if you have any dire urgent need to tell me something, fine….ill decide if its worth my time. (most likely not tho)

  25. eviljim eviljim

  26. Andy Andy

    This beggs the question what is more annoying? This dog or the dog that laughs at you for missing the ducks in duck hunt.

  27. eviljim eviljim

    At least you could shoot at that stupid dog in duck hunt. Yeah, it didn’t hurt it, but it still felt good.

    What was that link above that you posted? Was it the dog again?

  28. Andy Andy

    No, it wasn’t me, but yeah, click on it a co worker of mine made it.

  29. eviljim eviljim

    I clicked on it and nothing happens. It goes “yo, that dns is wack.”

  30. Nick Nick

    Yeah.. I hate those things. Though I think I see the paperclipman more often. I hate him too.

  31. eviljim eviljim

    Yeah, I think they took him out of 2003 so fortunately I don’t see that little clip anymore. I think that’s why my latent hatred for that stupid dog came out.

  32. shane shane

    psh. i was hating jim before it was cool

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