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we’ll freeze to death first

In honor of my first attempt at snowboarding today, a link to my first skiing experience. Skiing, a Rant.

Interestingly enough snowboarding is hard and painful. As is the snow. Ha! Fortunately this time it was windy and snowing causing me to get pelted with painful, painful ice.

On the plus side, before the snowboarding lesson I was able to ski for a couple hours. Awesome snow (again, except for being pelted in the face with ice) and that was fun. Not only that, I also had the most spectacular fall of my life (tied for first, I guess, with the time I fell bowling and backflipped because I crossed the foul line. That lane is slippery!). This time I was skiing, hit some clump of snow, fell forward. Just about when I thought it was over I realized my body was actually going into a front roll — if I knew I wasn’t going to break my neck I would have enjoyed it.

Well, I’m going at least twice more — I prepaid for three days (three days including lesson, lift ticket, and rental is only $99 — quite the bargain).

In a tradition that now spans the two times I’ve been to Snoqualmie, I got to eat pancakes. This time I got to ski first though, which was a plus.

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  1. Where are you riding? It’s good that you’re doing snowboarding for three days. It takes at least two days to get far enough up the learning curve to have fun.

    Jim snowboards!!!

  2. eviljim eviljim

    We went here — it was pretty good, we hit the central area as that was where the lessons were.

    Snowboarding is hard.

  3. wow, if you thought snoq was good, you should expand out to stevens or crystal…i havent done snoq but i heard its only ok. and convert back to skiing jim!!! =P

  4. eviljim eviljim

    I would say I thought snoqualmie was great snow, but just about an average trailwise (I’d only skiied before on real snow once, and it was stale snow, not fresh — this was very fresh and nice, except when it was hitting me in the face).

    I haven’t decided if I will try snowboarding again or do the switcheroo and do skiing… Skiing is much less painful.

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