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There’s obeying going on right under my nose

Well, since everyone else on the internet is doing it, please click the links below and let me know the secrets hidden inside my soul.

Johari window – pick 6 words that you feel describe me best.
Nohari window – pick 6 negative words that you feel describe me best.

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  1. someone someone

    who could think jim is dependable?

  2. eviljim eviljim

  3. Anonymous Anonymous

    fuck you

  4. eviljim eviljim

  5. Anonymous Anonymous

    you are a fucking coward….admit you lost something you will never get back!

  6. eviljim eviljim

    Actually, you can always re-enable the dog at any time. I don’t know why someone would want to though.

  7. Anonymous Anonymous

    you should also admit your addictions….. what you do behind the closed doors…. that doesnt involve the damn fucking dog!!!

  8. eviljim eviljim

    Why don’t you like the dog?

  9. Anonymous Anonymous

    jim, you are a fucker, so stop fuking around

  10. Andy Andy

    I love you Jim

  11. eviljim eviljim

    Aww, thank you andy. No dog for you.

  12. i kinda want to know what jim does behind closed doors. (i just spelled that “dores.” i’m dumbening at a faster and faster rate)

  13. eviljim eviljim

  14. shane shane

    aww, i love that dog

  15. eviljim eviljim

    Why do you like the dog? The dog is EVIL.

  16. shane shane

    i have had no exposure to the dog except from your little blog here. from which i have gathered that he’s a cute little puppy who delivers unbelievable amounts of spite and stigma and general misery. what’s not to love?

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