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Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal

Yeah, that just about says it all.

I was going down a blue and somehow fell directly onto my butt without losing balance. So, I was squatted on my skiis, butt dragging in the snow… but not slowing down. About 3/4 down the hill, tears freezing to my face and my voice scratchy from crying to Amy for help, I hit that tree.

Amy was busy taking the picture; as such she didn’t help me (the picture, I need to stress, is not posed at all).

The same thing happened when Alfonso found me stuck in my chair. People in Washington are mean.

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  1. I never took a picture when you got stuck in that chair!

  2. eviljim eviljim

    The simple fact that you rate that as a regret in your life means it counts anyway.

  3. Not any regret, my greatest regret. No one can ever know…

  4. Andy Andy

    Stop haveing so much fun…


    Me and cc are planing on visiting soon, how much longer is sking possible in washington?

  5. Nick Nick

    You were totally imagining stupid sexy flanders instead of what to do if you ever get into trouble wern’t you.

  6. eviljim eviljim

    I think it starts getting crappy around March, but I’m not sure.

    Stupid Sexy Flanders

  7. You better invite me, too!

  8. shane shane

    i may or not be interested in visiting washington myself. depends on the circumstances

    speaking of travel, my stepsister is getting married in vegas in (i think) july. my mom and stepdad’s itenerary looks like this: arrive in vegas with at least 1 baby, go to hotel with baby, go to wedding with baby, go back to hotel with baby, go back to illinois with baby. to me that seems like a waste, and i’m thinking of going at least a day earlier to at least do some sightseeing. possibly visit l.a., since i don’t think it’s too far. it’s the logistics involved which concern me. so, if brian’s got any ideas (particularly concerning l.a.) i’d love to hear them. also, jim, knowing your fondness for vegas, perhaps we could meet up

  9. CC CC

    That is a great picture. It makes me happy. Sorry Jim, but your funny looking especially when you are skiing into trees. =)

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