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you can’t take the sky from me

So in ye old Lucasarts puzzle games (for example, Monkey’s Island, the best monkey-titled game involving few to no monkeys) I always found it funny that you could walk into a room and the characters would do the same action over and over. For example, someone looking at a chalkboard would look at it, jot notes, go “hmmm”, repeat. Indefinitely.

I only share this because for the entire day I’ve felt like I’m in a puzzle game as exactly this is happening across my cubicle. It’s strangely surreal because I keep thinking I don’t have the right inventory items to solve the puzzle yet.

Anyway, I finished up the Firefly DVD set. Let me tell you something about Fox: Fox sucks. Firefly is one of the most fantastic shows I’ve seen in a long while, and they suck for canceling it. Not only is it entertaining, it also teaches me to curse in Chinese. If you haven’t watched Firefly, you really, really should.

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  1. Andy Andy

    Firefly = The win

    The best part is when he casualy shoots that guy in the head and then walks right to the bridge.

    The whole thing is golden.

  2. eviljim eviljim

    Yeah, that was awesome. You know what else was awesome?

    Everything else

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