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Fox announced the Arrested Development season finale will air February 10th (a Friday, it’s usually on Monday).

If you check your TV Guide you may notice another high-profile event on that night. The opening ceremonies of the olympics.

I need to stop watching shows on Fox. They’ve killed so many fantastic shows that deserved success. Why bother getting into a show — it’ll either be bad or canceled (Family Guy, Futurama, Undeclared, Andy Richter Controls the Universe, Arrested Development at some point in the future, probably more I can’t remember anymore)

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  1. Firefly! They canceled Firefly!!!!!

  2. shane shane

    not that they’ve cancelled simpsons, but i’ve always been quite bothered by the way they’ve promoted it. just their approach to promoting the simpsons makes it seem like they don’t even deserve to show it at all. also, why is the halloween episode always after halloween?

  3. eviljim eviljim

    Actually, that’s a great example of scheduling idiodicy. They could just as easily air the simpsons halloween episode on/before it… but they don’t.


    Inbreeding, I assume.

  4. Nick Nick

    While the first time it may have been an accident I’ve always been under the impression that at this point it’s pretty much a running joke and intentional that the Halloween episode is aired when it is. Originally it may have somethign to do with the way the season broke down, as I don’t believe the first season Had a halloween episode and it started off early in the second… I’d have to look at the DVDs to find out for sure

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