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adi is probably sad

My cousin stayed at my place while I was back at home (she came in town to see a concert). I get back, and there is Mormon propganda in all 3 of my bathrooms.

It’s kind of weird, and weirder if you know her, as she is not a very mormon-esque person. Possibly the least mormon person next to Brian, but he just hates them because he was “stalked” by an rather hot mormon chick.

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  1. It’s just not fair, you know? Why couldn’t I be stalked by a rather hot Christian girl?

  2. Well, Killer-B, Mormon doctrines are in fact well within the most commonly accepted constraints of definitive Christianity. So, unless she wasn’t rather hot (and how could that be? You’re bri-bri) you indeed were stalked by a rather hot Christian girl.

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