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Picture 130 oz. of popcorn. 130 ounces. Yeah. No google conversions or anything, just picture what you think 130 ounces of popcorn would be.

Apparently, it’s a medium. How depressing — I was expecting like a Scrooge McDuck style money-bin popcorn experience… and only got a medium. Lame.

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  1. Nick Nick

    130 ounces as in the weight, or the volume? because when I try and picture eight or so pounds of popcorn I can only think of it in a large garbage sized bag. heh

  2. texas rules! texas rules!

    i seriously think it was a typo and they meant 13.0 oz…

  3. eviljim eviljim

    Well, I think 130 oz of volume isn’t really huge, whereas weight… I was expecting over 8 pounds of popcorn!!

    At least I got to see a giant monkey fight dinosaurs.

  4. Excellent Duck Tales referrence.

  5. eviljim eviljim

    There’s a reason for it:

    I was watching a couple — man, there’s a lot of occultism in Ducktales!

  6. whoa. i wanna rip that for my new pvp.

    I’ve been downloading 1930’s-1950’s classic mickey mouse, donald duck, etc cartoons since blake gave it to me.

  7. eviljim eviljim

    Ahh a pvp, cool! Nothing like portable cartoons.

  8. Why are you watching Duck Tales when you could instead be watching Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers? The latter is far superior for one undeniable reason – Gadget Hackwrench.

  9. eviljim eviljim

    Gadget was pretty hot.

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