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I’m watching “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” and I had forgotten between seeing it in the theater and aquiring the DVD how absolutely terrible the movie is. Ugh. I will admit it’d be pretty hard to convert the literary genius of Adams onto a screen, but wow. They screwed up, bad.

My major reason for posting is I suspect I may be getting sick. There has been a guy with, I swear, whooping cough or some of deadly strain of, well, whooping cough. I don’t know anything else that could describe it. If I have caught this diseased man’s illiness, I will extract a revenge of such large proportions it may have to wait to February so I can quit shortly after enacting it. Or I’ll at least pee on his chair.

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  1. sliturthroat sliturthroat

    DO IT! PEE ON HIS CHAIR! And then watch as he sits down, and then quickly jumps up realizing his pants are wet. He cannot escape the wrath of El Piss on Chair-o!

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