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  1. someone someone

    but apples arent fishy. besides, what is the best apple?

  2. eviljim eviljim

    That’s a stupid question. Obviously it’s the Fuji.

  3. someone someone

    how did i know your favorite was the fuji! 😛

  4. Yes, definitely the Fuji.

    Why are you surprised that red apples get the most attention even though they are the worst apple? Isn’t it that way with everything? I mean, look at the people of the world. Excellent people like you and I should be running this planet, but no. All the worthless politicians, academics, and actors get all the fame instead.

  5. Andy Andy

    I like a type called “pink lady” they are like a fugi but tend to be a bit less sweet and a bit more crisp. Those and “golden delisious” thought it is hard to find a good golden.

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