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While working in the lab with someone, we got to talking about legos. His kid loves legos and I told him it’s a good sign — good people always played with legos when they were young.

When I was small my siblings and friends would play with legos, each usually with our own ‘country’. At least a few times we had currency and everything (monopoly money; the world treasury was a Little People Firehouse, the most secure place in the basement). There wasn’t much of an economy — all raw goods were just heaped up in the middle of the room. The world basically existed on a thin line of our tempers, global annialation happenign when one of us got mad and Godzillaed the whole world.

Anyway, talking about this, I then pointed out that you can tell a lot about someone’s personality when they are young by what they do with the legos.

My sister built houses, very nice ones, complete with bathrooms. She was going to be a civil engineer for a while and there was little surprise to be had.

My neighbor Timmy built warcrafts and we weren’t surprised he eventually joined the army. (I think we all built war stuff though — I remember we had one ‘warhead’ piece and it was always a mad dash to find it in the pile. I believe eventually we put it into a ring case and hid it — global disarmorment. We were very advanced for our age).

I built a “Sam’s Wholesale” club and sold pieces I grabbed from the general pile for money.

My brother Chris just embezled from the bank. Hmm. Maybe his current employer should be notified.

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  1. Andy Andy

    I mainly built robots and space craft that would land in the living room, and explore the coffee table/couch/easy chair as if they where a alien landscaps.

    They never discovered any aliens or anyhting, mostly thre was a lot of jumping in low gravity and colletion samples (like for instnace a coaster or remote control)

    That must be why I am an astronaught… wait

  2. eviljim eviljim

    Wait, you’re not an astronaut?

  3. Andy Andy

    Now i know that astronaut and “guy that draws signs for a living” are very similar endevors, never the less they are not the same thing.

  4. eviljim eviljim

    Maybe you will be the one to bring signs to space!

  5. LOL! That’s great Jim. Seriously, that’s like the best blog post of my friends for the year.

    I had the Lego Technic sets. I built motorized 4x4s, tanks, pneumatic forklifts, and lots of race cars with suspension and transmission. Yeah, good correlation to mechanical engineering.

    My sister had the pirate and mideval sets. Don’t see any relation there.

  6. shane shane

    i had technics too. i love following directions

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