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a (very) quick one

Do the headline writers for publications like CNN and the Chicago Sun Times even read the articles?

CNN had the initial headline “Supreme Court Bans Display of Ten Commandments In Courthouses” (or something very similar) this morning. “Interesting,” I thought, “I should read this.”

I go on to read that the supreme court had explicitly stated they weren’t doing that. Wha?

Now if I had my tin-foil hat onhand I could whip up a question on if they merely title stories how they wish they had come out, but I doubt that’s the case. Don’t blame on conspiracy what can easily be explained by human stupidity.

On the current events front, I received a nice little plaque recognizing my achievement today. If you’re wondering what kind of standing I am, it clearly states this on the plaque: I am outstanding. Yeah.

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  1. Dan Dan

    What was the achievement for which you recieved an outstanding standing?

  2. eviljim eviljim

    Outstanding achievement in the field of excellence. I believe I get a ham soon.

  3. That is so Office Space!

  4. Nick Nick

    Did you notice that when you’re in comment mode you don’t see the friends list.. is that intentional?

  5. eviljim eviljim

    It took up a lot of space, so I left it off on the subpages. Are you worried you’re not getting enough traffic?

  6. Nick Nick

    Just curious if it was supposed to be that way. I usually go from your page to check everyone elses page, I clicked to check comments this time, and didn’t see the names.

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