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who eats popcorn with a spoon? seriously.

If you want to get revenge upon someone, simply install two virus scanners onto their computer.

It will, by far, be worse than any combination of virus or spyware you could ever possibly come up with.

Enjoy. Remember, if you can’t win, spite.

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  1. Nick Nick

    Wow.. why does your new comment system need a number generator.. to go with the new look of the glasses I suppose.

    I was going to comment about the double virus scan deal.. but now I’m not. The comment totally wasn’t worthy of going through a verification system. heh

  2. eviljim eviljim

    Too much spam.

  3. Nick Nick

    Spam.. it’s pink and it’s awful. Spam you buy it at the Moble. Spam it’s made in Chernobyl Spam.

    So you’re only interested in penis enlargement info from people who can read hard to read numbers.. gotcha.

    Though I suppose running and hosting your own blog as opposed to having one with a site dedicated to bloging would have that disadvantage.

    Oh.. and does someone really eat popcorn with a spoon? or was that just a wacky title?

  4. the devil's victim the devil's victim

    WOW….someboddy else that knows that Spam song!!! that just made my day 🙂

  5. Nick Nick

    It takes skills to make the day of someone being victimized by the devil.. that or references to Save Ferris Songs apparenly..

  6. eviljim eviljim

    So would the number thing be better if the text was not orange to match the background? Would that be more tolerable? Huh?

    Anyway, yes, I was sitting on the couch eating a bag of microwave popcorn. One of my friends got up, went to the kitchen, and came back. All the sudden I see this spoon coming at me and I freaked out. “Aah! What are you doing, what are you doing!!”

    “I’m eating popcorn!”

    “Get a bowl! Get a bowl!”

    I probably overreacted a bit, but come on, who eats popcorn with a utensil?

  7. Nick Nick

    I can see it fine for the most part.. though this last number, which was 7222, or if this post goes through then that’s what it was, was a little difficult to read. So the answer is probably yes.. though I wonder if with this setup if Brian can read it at all.. it’d be funny if your site discriminated against the color blind.

    People from Seatle apparently. I could MAYBE see using a ladel to get it out, but even that is a stretch…

  8. Nick Nick

    And by colorblind I ment Brian. Mainly for the stigma it would bring him. Stigma is almost as good as spite..

    Speaking of Stigma, and I was even if no one else was, I just thought it had been far to long since bringing up the triple stigma we inflicted on Shane.

  9. eviljim eviljim

    I think black, which it is now, is a bit better and easier to read. Plus I cut it down to two numbers, so, there’s less reading now.

  10. Heh, I can read it just fine, but if it was something other than black, there would be huge problems.

    I can’t recall, what was the triple stigma, again?

  11. yeah…it does take skill, but as long as the devil is not involved, it is a day making experience. but seriously, that is some great ska coming from that group, and people always think i am crazy when i break in to song with that number whenever spam is mentioned

  12. nick nick

    Yeah the black is much easier.

    Triple stigma happpened when we were playing Mario Cart and Shane thought he was going to win and was certanly talking like he was and then right at the end all three of the other players passed him causing him to lose horribly and incur much stigma. It was a good time

    And yeah, good stuff that Save Ferris. I don’t usually break into song when talkign about spam but I donno being stuck here at work puts me into an odd, bored, need to talk kinda mood I guess. Which I think most people will agree is unusual at best.

  13. Ah, yes. That was some excellent stigma.

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