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  1. the devil's victim the devil's victim

    and you may have lost your mind, too

  2. Nick Nick

    I think that is a cause for stigma

  3. Jim Jim

    It was a pretty smart chicken. To be honest when I was initially surprised he didn’t crap on the board and then find a mirror to peck at.

    Perhaps I underestimated the enemy!

  4. shane shane

    is it just me, or have jim’s entries become increasingly more odd since he moved to washington?

  5. Jim Jim

    I ended up down $200 too.

    Never underestimate your opponent.

    Even if he’s a chicken.

  6. shane shane

    also, never underestimate my rapid rate of grammer dumbening. i can’t believe i typed “increasingly more odd.” how redundantly redundant

  7. the devil's vicitm the devil's vicitm

    since when has jim not been odd, if you seriously think about it. also, does this chicken stem from his love for eating chicken?

    funny idea: the thought of jim as a food critic

  8. Nick Nick

    Jim has had some bad chicken experiances.. loses to one playing tic tac toe, beaned by an old lady with one.. maybe it’s a trend.

  9. Jim Jim

    Yet it’s still my favorite food. Odd.

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