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  1. Nick Nick

    Not only that, but if they had written history the way it was supposed to, where your goal was to murder and exploit the injuns, people would be just as, if not more bitchy. If you leave them out… people complain and bitch about that. Pretty much old people hate video games. Maybe not all, and I’m sure there’re young people who don’t get it either, but still…

  2. I like this template much more than the last one, except for the graphic at the top. Bring back the pen!

  3. eviljim eviljim

    Yeah, that pen was pretty cool. I’m still tweaking the site, trying to find a good template. This one has good comment seperation but… I dunno, it’s lacking something.

  4. eviljim eviljim

    Oh, I know what it’s lacking.

    A giant pen.

  5. Also, some of the text (comment text, links, etc). I have to adjust my browser text size setting from “small” to “medium.”

  6. eviljim eviljim

    I think this is a bit better. I just have to get rid of all the German. Actually, I think I like some of it. Like “kategorien”, I mean, that’s pretty cool.

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