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ok, this is a bit weird

I’ve tried to characterize exactly why it is I hate talking about politics with people that don’t agree with me. This is more or less it.

Yeah, Pat Sajak in the house.

I fear my blog turning into “random links I found while dodging work” but this one combined both a good point with linking to Pat Sajak’s site. That’s the best of both worlds, my friend.

(Or enemy. I’m not entirely sure who reads my websitedotcom).

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  1. cc cc

    So Andy has recently started saying that when someone does something bad to him that they are “worse than Hitler” An example would be when we were walking down the hall at juco past the tv and i motioned like there was something interesting on and said “Is that the batman trailor” which it wasn’t. And he exclaimed how i was worse than Hitler…Hitler never did that to him…

  2. Alice Alice

    I found you, Jim Reardon. I’ll admit it wasn’t that hard after I remembered your last name. =)

    Anyway, Alfonso told me he did some swing dancing last summer. Can you guys do some more this summer?

  3. eviljim eviljim

    Uhm, sure, we can do some more swing dancing. Just not together.

    Are you planning on being in Redmond over the summer (or visiting?)

  4. Alice Alice

    Not very clear at this point – I’ve only made plans for Taiwan.

    Oh yeah, I just found out that Alfonso hates dancing with a vicious passion that defies physics, though he would probably describe it as a burning passion of a thousand suns … so you might want to armor up first. Oh dear, what have I done?! Well, at least he admits that there’s room for negotiation.

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