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Month: April 2005

if there’s a word of kindness in you I never heard it

Yesterday I went to play tennis (this generally consisted of me either [1] missing the ball [2] hitting the ball sideways defying physics or [3] getting hit by the ball). Off to the side of the court were 3 or 4 very skinny nerdy looking people beating each other up. I was worried at first, but I realized they had gloves and appeared to be in some small and unathletic fight club.

How 1999.

At least I was able to find yet another activity I’m terrible at (the tennis that is — I didn’t join the fight club).

ok, this is a bit weird

I’ve tried to characterize exactly why it is I hate talking about politics with people that don’t agree with me. This is more or less it.

Yeah, Pat Sajak in the house.

I fear my blog turning into “random links I found while dodging work” but this one combined both a good point with linking to Pat Sajak’s site. That’s the best of both worlds, my friend.

(Or enemy. I’m not entirely sure who reads my websitedotcom).

all you need is positivity

Total solicitations for life insurance received today: 3.

Total solicitations for life insurance received since buying a townhome: 8.

Total solicitations for life insurance received in my entire life: 8.

go! do my bidding!

A more regular post, since apparently they’ve been a bit odd lately.

I went to see “Sin City.” It was rather excellent and I encourage all to attend a showing at their local movie theatre.

One of the things that struck me: at points in many movies, they often put the hero into a position where they’re about to die. Most of the times, it’s very transparent — you know the protagonist will get through and invariably also have a pithy one-liner to respond to the brink of death with.

“Sin City” kept me wondering what would happen next. It was the opposite of predictable. A gun to a hero’s head could end in him being dead. And that, my friend, rhymes.

Of course, they keep the one-liners.

I discourage the watching of either trailers — both of which I am glad I didn’t see as I’d have been downright annoyed at how much they ruined. Just go see it.