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  1. shane shane

    at least this post makes sense. i’m still confused by the last one

  2. the devil's vicitm the devil's vicitm

    are you ever in your place long enough to warrant a big screen tv? I mean i could understand the really big bed….but the tv? hmmmm….

  3. Jim Jim

    When you buy a place, it all goes through an escrow company. The escrow company charges about $1,000 (split between the seller and the buyer). They take all the money, then when it is there, make sure the property is signed over before releasing the funds to the seller. They also do various adjustments for tax, insurance, etc.

    The company, however, is not satisfied with just getting $1,000 for what probably amounts to a couple hours of work. They charge you various fees, such as a $35 fee for “internet document retreival” (getting an email) or $45 for “overnight courier liaison fee” (accepting delivery of an overnight package).

    So, I paid $35 for a lady to check her email with an attachment from my mortgage company. Imagine if it had been a fax.

    My TV is hot.

  4. shane shane

    ahh, you paid her for her to check her OWN email. the wording was ambiguous, like you paid her to allow you the privilege to check her email for her

  5. the devil's vicitm the devil's vicitm

    it is still confusing…I mean why would you pay somebody to check their email, dont they just check it naturally?

  6. McFarland McFarland

    That TV will be awesome for a game of DUCK HUNT!

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