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this is what a fish gets

I’m becoming more and more suspicious of the weather here. Everyone has told me the weather during the winter is terrible (this includes the lady who helped me open my account, who told me to be prepared to be depressed 6 out of the 12 months of the year).

Yet since I got here, every day has been sunny and warm (ish, I guess, right now it’s about 50 out, which is warm compared to Illinois).

Something is amiss. Or awry. Or agoose.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous

    See, Seattle is so close to Canada, that they have 2 seasons, Winter(our summer and fall) and hockey (our Fall and Spring). So cince you arrived durring hockey, which was cancelled, but try explaining that to nature, you have good weather. Winter won’t set in until about late may/early june.

    BTW have you been to any starbucks yet? are they any different from the ones we have here?

  2. Jim Jim

    The only difference is starbucks are more plentiful here, and several are open 24 hours

  3. Brian Brian

    Wow, Anonymous, that has got to be the most, grammatically and logically incorrect blog comment I have ever read.

    What do the Canadians do during our winter? I see you left that season out, yet you counted our fall twice.

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